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When we step away from our home & garden and into the public realm, we have entered into the landscape, which for so many of us is a subjective experience.  We commute, run errands, and when time allows, use the landscape for exercise or leisure, but articulating what we see can be difficult, even a moving target. The landscape, indeed, changes over time.


Everything we see is part of this multidimensional realm: streets, plazas, a building or collection such as a city skyline, parks, the space beyond city limits, the horizon, and of course, the people that meet, interact, or enjoy a contemplative moment within these spaces become a part of the landscape.  What we see from our car windows or the window within a high rise is the landscape. Bundle all this together into something simple is not something I can do.  Instead, I observe and attempt to articulate what I see.


As a student of landscape architecture, I was taught to see, inventory, and analyze the landscape for the benefit of design, but it wasn't until my masters thesis that I discovered how to explore the spaces in between that are often intangible and nuanced.  Here, I hope to explore all dimensions of the landscapes and to articulate some distinction about sense of place.

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