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Holidays galore, but some maintenance is still needed


More holidays! Can we keep up? In between social gatherings, we should still keep an eye on the weather and if it is cooperating by soaking our grounds. December can be dry, so supplemental irrigation may still be necessary. But so are celebrations!
For home gardeners, December offers an opportunity to bring greenery indoors. Holidays might warrant bringing in an evergreen tree, wreaths, and garlands, but such practices do not need to be so overt. Bringing in greenery over the winter helps us connect with nature and freshen our homes. So, consider using greenery indoors in artful displays rather than simply pruning hedges and tossing away the clippings.
For commercial and public landscapes, December may be slow for addressing maintenance simply because the holidays can take away workers who travel and reconnect with families. To be candid, December offers an opportunity to slow maintenance down with a focus on leaf debris. Additional tasks, such as winter pruning and irrigation testing, can probably wait until winter fully sets in.

things to do

Consider Having a Certified Arborist Inspect Your Trees Before Winter Storms (Every 3-5 Years)
Keep Birdbaths and Water Features Clean and Free of Debris and Algae

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