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fun finds

Even designers are vulnerable to impulse buys, so this is where I will confess to such finds.  Okay, not all will be unreasonable indulgences, as I am using this opportunity to learn about plants I have not personally maintained before.  I may have specified them in client gardens, but I am rarely involved with their care once the projects are completed.  Now I have a chance to learn more about their behavior as they grow, thrive, or decline.  For here, however, I will focus on introductions, and this section will not be limited to those impulses. Things I find for readers may be included as well.

Other garden elements include site furnishings (containers, outdoor furniture, sculpture, etc.), paving materials, lighting, structures, etc. that make a complete garden.  Too many outdoor products do not last, so there will be an emphasis on items that are meant for a lifetime rather than a single season.  After all, we should be trying to reduce what ends up in a landfill later.

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