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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife recognizes that there are approximately 6,500 species native to our state, over 200 noted for their threatened or endangered status with another 2,000 that are of concern.  This diversity is unique to California when compared with any other state in the union.  Therefore, California is identified as one of only thirty biodiversity hotspots around the world, noted for their rich species diversity that is also at risk of decline and destruction.  The plants listed here includes native species but also crossbreeds and cultivars that have evolved for the landscape industry, further expanding diversity into cultivated gardens.

Homeowners, gardeners, and new landscape designer unfamiliar with native plants in designed landscapes might want to explore the California Native Plant Society's website for further information.  In particular, try their Calscape Garden Planner for inspiration.  To learn more about some of the plants used in landscape design, see individual posts below.

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