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the colorful curmudgeon pink flamingo awards

Get ready for landscape and garden dont's, why we shouldn't do them, and what to do instead. The landscape is full of them, and this is my means of wishing them away! So who's the Colorful Curmudgeon? Why me, of course! I become fully incensed, even insulted, when I see so many mishaps in the landscape.

Why the pink flamingo? While the actual bird is beautiful and mesmerizing when they dance, their plastic cousins are quite the opposite unless adopted as a medium for artistic or fun vintage-retro statements. Coined as Phoenicopterus ruber plasticus by their belated inventor, Don Featherstone, their residency in mid-twentieth century lawns became ubiquitous...and kitsch. Like the plastic flamingo, this blog category is intended to be fun yet a reminder of things we should not do....because they may just end up in the landfill.

Artificial pink flamingo on white background.jpg
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