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middle ages & paradisiacal gardens

A time of order...but also pleasure, of royal hunting parks and enclosed gardens for a sense of safety.

key places of interest
Islamic Gardens of Spain
Carmen Gardens
Patio de los Naranjos, Córdoba
Royal Alcázar, Seville
The Alhambra, Grenada
Generalife, Grenada
The Gardens of Kashmir
Achabal Gardens
Nishat Garden (Nishat Bagh)
Mughal Tomb Gardens
Emperor Humayun
Taj Mahal, Agra: Shah Jahan
Turkish Gardens
Topkapi Saray, Istanbul: Sultan Mehmed II
City of Gardens
Isfahan, Iran: Shah Abbas
Chebel Sotun, Shah Abbas
Walled Cities, Walled Gardens
Mainz, Germany
Toledo, Spain
Sienna, Italy
Piazzo del Campo: Sienna, Italy
Florence, Italy
The Abbey of St. Gall: St. Gall, Switzerland
Cloister Gardens, Monastero Santi Quattro Coronati: Rome, Italy

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