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Term Research Project

Finding Inspiration Past & Present

Students are asked to research a design of historic significance and provide context for its creation.  The following section is intended to assist students in their research by providing this database of designers or sites that may help in selecting their subject.

This page, as with all pages for this blog, is a living document and may be modified to add or revise content.  Current subject matter reflects required reading in Landscape Design: A Cultural and Architectural History.  Additional content will be added when time allows.

Tropical Leaves

their story

People arrive to landscape design from all walks of life, today and in the past.  Frederick Law Olmsted, known as the founding father of American landscape architecture, thought of himself as a farmer.  His firm's partner, Calvert Vaux, was an accomplished architect before his collaborations with Olmsted on New York's Central Park.  Their teamwork became a leading force for landscape architecture and design.  They are but one example.  Explore the periods to meet the interesting people influencing landscape design.  Their stories become your story.

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