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alphabetical annual list

The following annual list is the master list for this site.  It includes species from student coursework at West Valley College plus additional plants of interest.  Plant knowledge is an unending process.  Quite candidly, this list helps me find particular plants that I have lost on this website...maybe it will be helpful to you, too.

For Northern California, many species that are classified as perennials elsewhere are treated as annuals in our colder region.  Their recovery after a winter cold may be highly variable, where clients of landscape architects may prefer to have them replaced rather than wait for their reemergence.  For our purposes here, the following list combines true annuals with perennials and biennials that are commonly treated as seasonal color only.

The following list is fluid, meaning it will change as new information is made available, including new species and scientific name updates.  We welcome any updates, corrections, or comments to continue to make this page useful to students readers.

If a scientific name is linked, please feel free to find additional information via this website.

scientific name

common name


common foxglove

Teddy Bear sunflower

bleeding heart

baby blue eyes

creeping Zinnia

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