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Zinnia angustifolia

Zinnia angustifolia

There's a weakness in this household for zinnias of all kinds, simply because they make great cut flowers that last for a long time. In the garden, Zinnia angustifolia is prolific yet quite drought tolerant once established. Small in stature, about 1' x 1' or so, they continue blooming starting in late spring, throughout summer, and into early fall. Yellows, oranges, and white are the most commonly available. I like to plant these in full sun wherever there is a vacant spot that needs a little something extra for the season....until I can figure out what to fill in that is more permanent. I do not use annuals often despite their colorful reward. Most annuals require gobs of water and need deadheading all the time. These zinnias, however, appear happy adjusting to our arid climate with little care. Butterflies like them, too.

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