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19th century gardens and urban design

For some of us, the 19th century begins the ascent of American landscape architecture into a fully realized profession.  Of course, the partnership of Vaux and Olmsted lead this narrative, but so much was happening simultaneously.  The sciences were blossoming, and exploration of new botanic wonders kept conservatories and collectors busy.  As grand estates continued to flourish, certainly, but their influence on public spaces gave way to physical representations of democratized parks, plazas, and even cities.   

key places of interest
Victorian England
The Royal Botanic Garden at Kew: London: Sir Joseph Banks; William Andrews Nesfield
Designs for Laying Out Farms (1812): John Claudius Loudon
Conservatories (and their placement in public spaces): Joseph Paxton, Decimus Burton, Richard Turner
Derby Arboretum: Derby: John Claudius Loudon
Hatfield House: Hatfield: Marquess of Salisbury; Marchioness of Salisbury
Leavens Hall: Kendal: Alexander Forbes; William Andrews Nesfield
Elvaston Castle and Country Park: Derby: William Barron
Chatsworth House: Bakewell: Joseph Paxton
Prince's Park: Liverpool: Joseph Paxton
Birkenhead Park: Liverpool: Lewis Hornblower; John Robertson
Victoria Park: London: James Pennethorne
Botanic United States
Elgin Botanic Garden: New York: David Hosack
Hyde Park on the Hudson River (A.K.A. Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site, former home of David Hosack: Hyde Park: André Parmentier
Downing's Residence & Botanic Garden: Newburgh: Andrew Jackson Downing
Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening (1841): Andrew Jackson Downing
Washington Mall: Washington, D.C.: Andrew Jackson Downing
Rural Cemeteries
Père-Lachaise Cemetery: Paris: Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart
Mount Auburn Cemetery: Boston: Henry Dearborn
Frederick Law Olmsted & Calvert Vaux
(and later with Olmsted: Henry Hobson Richardson, Charles Eliot, Daniel Burnham)
Central Park: New York
Prospect Park: Brooklyn
Buffalo Park System: Buffalo
Riverside Master Plan: Riverside
Chicago South Park Commission: Chicago
Emerald Necklace: Boston
Franklin Park: Boston
Moraine Farm: Beverly
United States Capitol: Washington, D.C.
World's Columbian Exposition: Chicago

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