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Plant Composition

ARCH 083

Plant Composition
Duration & Units

16 Weeks


Emphasis for this course is on the aesthetic and functional relationship of plant combinations, forms, and scale in relation to structures and outdoor spaces.

Plants are key components of landscape design, which provide numerous benefits to people, the environment, and wildlife.  Suppose you have taken ARCH 081 & ARCH 082 (plant identification courses) or are already familiar with numerous plant species and their communities, such as Mediterranean, South African, Australian, or California natives. In that case, you have become familiar with their unique qualities that benefit ornamental, cultural, and environmental landscapes.  ARCH 083 provides an opportunity to explore how to use plants in landscape designs, starting with necessary studies of plant composition, such as expressions of contrasting color, form, and texture. We will also exercise how to communicate your designs to potential clients through project presentations.  Note: While plant knowledge benefits this course, ARCH 081 & ARCH 082 are recommended but not prerequisites. For this course, designs are communicated using hand-drawn illustrations and drafting techniques.

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