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What is Sunshine w/o the Rain?

Yesterday was rare weekday morning where I was not mustering up the bodily strength to wake up, scurrying around for clothes in the predawn light, and hopping on a near barren freeway to clock in for a full day's work. It was bliss. No alarm, the sun actually rose before me.

Later that morning I would be listening to an all-day leadership training seminar required by my employer, so I wanted to take full advantage of this moment. A healthy start meant doing all those things people keep talking about...stretching, showering, eating well all played out while noting how much sun was flooding the house.

I had just watched the Daily Show the night before, where rapper now author Logic expressed glee when he coined, "What is sunshine without the rain?" I'm paraphrasing, but the sentiment is true. The rains have been seemingly constant, so this morning's peach glow was a joy I wanted to relish.

Just a few more minutes before leaving home, I wandered through the garden taking photos, reminding me of all the worthwhile effort. Enjoy!

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