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Ugni molinae

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Low maintenance, evergreen, and tasty bits of guava fruit!

Picked too early, these berries had a sweet but "pine flavor," only the deep red ones had the strawberry guava-like sweetness I was hoping to add to my breakfast last fall. Regardless of my impatience, this evergreen shrub is worthy for its form (with occasionally shaping), deep green foliage, and the reward of petite white flowers in the spring followed by the pea-sized fruit. The Chilean guava is slow growing and seemingly pest free, which to the avid gardener, means minimal care that can be redirected elsewhere. Our specimen is thriving in our rocky, alluvial soil with average watering.


Botanical Name: Ugni molinae Common Name: Chilean guava Origin: Chile Sunset Zones: 14-24 Plant Type: Evergreen shrub Hydrozone: Moderate Optimal Height and Spread: 6' x 6' Exposure: Full sun to part shade in hot areas Form: Rounded at maturity Primary Feature: Glossy, deep foliage, tiny white flowers from spring into summer followed by red edible berries

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