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Rubus pentalobus

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

It is not often I think about brambles! Either something that conjures up something surrounding a witch's den, or brambles remind me of a funny story about wine tasting. The vintner described his wine with "notes of bramble," so of course I immediately visualize a witch enjoying a glass.

No, this bramble is quite different, growing as a lush ground cover on slopes and borders. Technically categorized as an evergreen shrub, its common name offers a little more to the imagination, creeping raspberry. Maybe this is where fermentation of the fruit lends itself to "notes." Anyway, we planted this two or three years ago, and it is the first year that the plant has thrived, creating a carpet in a small area of our hillside. As the photo illustrates, it is also the first year that it bloomed, so I will be watching closely for any fruit. Emerisa Gardens describes the fruit as "salmon-red colored berries."


Botanical Name: Rubus pentalobus (formerly R. calycinoides)

Common Name: bramble, creeping raspberry, crinkled creeper

Origin: Taiwan

Sunset Zones: 4-6, 14-17

Plant Type: Evergreen shrub

Hydrozone: Moderate

Optimal Height and Spread: 4" x spreading

Exposure: Full sun, part shade

Form: Mat

Primary Feature: Ground cover, berries, attracts butterflies

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