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Lophostemon confertus

An attractive, desirable tree offering an opportunity to replace some Eucalyptus species; an online search will easily find images of Lophostemon confertus, or Brisbane box, used as an elegant street tree. Is this the right use for this tree? That same search will also find trees with massive trunk flares (example shown below) that will exceed standard tree well sizes. Cal Poly's Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute recommends providing planting spaces greater than ten feet, because the tree "may be larger in warmer areas." California is one of those areas where it may thrive and become larger than expected. Certainly, if provided ample space for it to thrive long-term, then we have a winning ornamental tree.



Botanical Name: Lophostemon confertus

Lophostemon: Greek, lophos for crest, for the appearance of the flower and its stamens.

Confertus: Crowded together, for the dense foliage

Common Name: Brisbane box; vinegar tree

Family Name: Myrtaceae

Origin: Australia

design considerations

Positioning: Background

Garden Themes: Sub-tropical, Mediterranean, woodland

Uses: Street tree, lawn, shade, public spaces/parks, large planters, utility (hardwood is desirable for wood products)

identifying characteristics

Type: Evergreen tree

Form: Upright, erect

Texture: Coarse

Size: 45' tall, 25' wide (native environment to nearly 100')

Outstanding Feature(s): Flower, bark

Bark: Red-brown, exfoliating


  • Type: Simple

  • Arrangement: Alternate

  • Shape: Ovate

  • Margin: Entire

  • Color: Bronze new growth turning dark green

  • Surface: Leathery, smooth

Flower: Summer. White to cream clusters with prominent stamens

Fruit: Capsules

cultural requirements, tolerances & problems

Sunset Zones: 15-17, 19-24; H1, H2

USDA Zones: 9-12

Light: Sun to partial shade

WUCOLS SF Bay Area Hydro Zone: Moderate


  • Texture: Sand, loam, clay, well composted

  • Moisture Retention: Evenly moist with brief dryness

  • pH: Highly acidic to highly alkaline

Tolerances: Smog, drought


  • Branch Strength: Strong

  • Insects:

  • Disease: Chlorosis

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