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In Memoriam

The plants that didn't survive in our garden...a living list (pun intended)

The following were plants we tested, but they were displeased with our performance as caretakers, could not acclimate, or performed in ways that did not appeal to us. This list will be updated, hence "living" for examination of all that have perished. I also encourage those readers who have had success with them to share their insights and photos in the comment section. Thank you.

Please compost plant waste

Ceanothus 'Centennial': An attractive Native California evergreen ground cover, it could not compete with the other natives we planted that have since dominated the garden bed.

Lupinus arboreus: Seen all over the California Coast. I honestly have not had luck with lupines in general. The cause of this one's demise isn't surprising; we planted it under a Cinnamomum camphora that has a lot of competing roots. Being more inland might have made this lupine displeased with its surroundings.

Leucophyta brownii: Another coastal gem with an unusual texture, but its native ground is in Australia. I guess next to our pool did not count, yet its growth habit was stretching toward the deep end. We opted to remove and replace it, since that stretching was more likely due to too much afternoon shade.

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