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Grevillea petrophiloides 'Big Bird'

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Most visits to our favorite retail nurseries usually means seeing grevilleas that we have not seen before. This time, Big Bird presented itself in full bloom. The plant is quite odd to my California eyes; shrubby with a light texture, and central wands that branch for each flower cluster shooting beyond the foliage. I do no know the provenance of this particular plant we purchased, but San Marcos Growers states its release from the University of California Santa Cruz Koala Blooms Australian Native Plant Program.


Botanical Name: Grevillea petrophiloides 'Big Bird' Common Name: Big Bird grevillea, or Pink Poker Origin: Western Australia Sunset Zones: Unknown, but hardy to 25° - 30° F Plant Type: Evergreen shrub Hydrozone: Low Optimal Height and Spread: 4' x 6' (with bloom stocks to 8') Exposure: Full sun Form: Rounded to spiky when in bloom Primary Feature: Fine texture, violet-pink bottlebrush blooms fall through spring

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