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For more detail, please see the current syllabus located in the Canvas coursework after enrolling in this course.  Evaluations will be based upon recall of plant species information:

  • Via Lecture Material

    • Plant terminology and subject knowledge

    • Unique characteristics of plants, such as fall leaf color, flower (if applicable), form, and use.

    • Plant susceptibilities to diseases, insects, cultural problems, etc. associated with each plant.

    • Quizzes

    • Participation, where we have opportunities to discuss the plants we study.


  • Via Laboratory Material

    • Identify plants from photographs, fresh or pressed specimens.

    • Student must be able to recall the scientific name: genus, species epithet, cultivar, common name, size (height and spread), as examples.

    • Lab I.D. Exams

    • Presentation of term research (field guide)

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