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Sun beams shine through the trees at Sco

In-Person Discussions 

This is landscape architecture: a creative industry that relies on your vision, curiosity, and experimentation.  It sounds lofty, and maybe out of place in this section, but the creative process 1) starts with you, and 2) relies upon the collaborations you nurture.  Coordinating with your peers, initiating an exploration, and sharing ideas. If you have not started this process, there is never a better time than now.

This course is primarily an in-class participatory experience.  I expect you to be as committed to this experience as I am to you and your learning about landscape architecture, design, and for this course specifically, how plants can dynamically change a landscape. Here is an example.


Take a look at the two photos here.  We have places similar to these amphitheaters on campus.  We will conduct some of our discussions outdoors, so which would you prefer to sit in for our discussions?  There is no wrong answer.  One is functional, academic even, but the other is more intimate, and for many people, desirable for its shade and calming capability.  As landscape architects, we have the creative power through the use of plants and trees to dramatically change the dynamic use and feel of a place.  Can you imagine yourself creating such a space?

To the Point

Discussions are only as successful as your participation, therefore, I encourage you to commit to being in class for the duration of the semester.  Discussions will be very open ended, especially if this is your first time exposure to landscape architecture studies.  This is your opportunity to talk about what is on your mind.  Therefore, I welcome your requests or suggestions on topics, either related to specific plant species or related horticulture and design discussions.  For this course, I will prompt activities for you to do, either on your own or in teams. Some activities will be unannounced and due same day (end of lab). I regularly ask questions about the plants you are studying, so you can become comfortable with your plant knowledge.

Online Discussions

We may engage in discussions within the Canvas platform.  Some may be extra credit while others will expand upon in-class discussions.  It will be to your benefit to keep up with ongoing discussions and to monitor communications in Canvas.  Further instructions will be provided within a Canvas module.  If there is a due date, enter your comments earlier than the day it is due because the next requirement is for you to reply to at least two of your peers’ posts before the deadline.  Provide thoughtful and respectful feedback, pose questions, or even share new ideas or images.  This is your opportunity to engage further into landscape architecture.

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