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alphabetical monocot list

The following monocot list is the master list for this site.  It includes species from student coursework at West Valley College plus additional plants of interest.  Plant knowledge is an unending process.  Quite candidly, this list helps me find particular plants that I have lost on this website...maybe it will be helpful to you, too.

Ornamental grasses, such as Miscanthus or Carex species, can often be found from other sources under perennials, which is also an appropriate way to categorize them.  Since monocots are unique, listing them here offers a reminder of their status that requires, at times, unusual care and management.  Palms, for example, should not be confused with broadleaf trees, as clean-up and pruning practices are significantly different.  Similarly, smaller grasses, as in the Miscanthus reference above, requires a different pruning practice than other winter-dormant perennials.

The following list is fluid, meaning it will change as new information is made available, including new species and scientific name updates.  We welcome any updates, corrections, or comments to continue to make this page useful to students readers.

If a scientific name is linked, please feel free to find additional information via this website.

winter or summer dormancy or semi-dormancy (see individual species for details)

scientific name

Under construction

common name

Under construction


Mexican feather grass


California fan palm

Mexican fan palm

*  Species identified with an asterisk may be classified as semi-evergreen or deciduous in colder climates even if formally classified as evergreen.  In such cases, their ability to withstand cold will be determined by extreme weather and exposure.  Severe frosts and cold winds may damage their vegetative cover, from minor frost burn to dieback to the ground.  Consult a local horticulturalist for notable observations.

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