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reading and rereading the California landscape for well over 30 years

...and a few other sundries

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People walking against the light backgro
Close-up detail of a pink flamingo sculp
Plant Box
First taste of independence

That sidewalk was my favorite place to ride.  According to my parents, it was the only place to ride, and I was fine with that. Living on a cul-de-sac meant I could go far but not anywhere, following the concrete ribbon's ups and downs at driveways and the long curve at the end of the road.  Along the way, other kids joined in on the fun.  At least, this is my memory of living in a South Bay suburban neighborhood.  The predictable landscape was rhythmic: grass, driveway, grass, driveway, and on and on.  My adventures were far from pioneering, but I felt safe navigating around and around.


Sameness is what people desired in suburbia.  While we may come from all walks of life, we needed the ordinary of knowing everyone around us had similar goals of work, family, and entertainment.  Yet for each family, we interpreted the landscape differently, in part learned from our experiences elsewhere.  For my father, it meant hearkening back to farm life in Minnesota, so up went the rail fence in the front and fruit trees in the back. 


This is where I started my lifelong journey exploring the California landscape. Discussion here will not be only about plants, but people, buildings, animal life, and even the spaces in between will get a second look. Plus a few distractions, such as gardening tips and cooking experiences...just because.  I hope you will join me while I continue this reading and rereading of the landscape I have come to love.

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