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Magnolia x 'Elizabeth'

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

The more unusual cultivars always catch my eye, and Magnolia 'Elizabeth' is one of them. With medium-sized buttery yellow flowers, few people expect it. Most deciduous magnolias are white or varying shades of pink. Considered a small tree, about 25' tall with a narrower width, M. 'Elizabeth' starts blooming before the leaves emerge but continues to bloom while the leaves fully form. We planted ours on the same hydrozone as our veggie garden, simply because it will receive the ample water it needs. Not recommended for a dry zone or in heavy clay soil; its roots like to breath yet stay cool and slightly damp.


Botanical Name: Magnolia x 'Elizabeth'

Common Name: Elizabeth magnolia

Origin: Hybrid

Sunset Zones: 3b-9, 14-24

Plant Type: Deciduous tree

Hydrozone: Moderate

Optimal Height and Spread: 40' x 20'

Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Form: Single trunk or multi-trunk

Primary Feature: Butter yellow blooms in spring

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