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Bloom & Plume: Embracing individuality

I needed this...we collectively need this...a Southern California floral designer, Maurice Harris, who successfully taps into his self-awareness that appears to know no bounds. Quoting from a recent Sunset Magazine article referencing his upbringing by a fashionable mother and grandmother, "'They taught me to have reverence for how I present myself, and to take pride in whatever I'm doing.' Being gay and black in a predominately white neighborhood, Harris's individualism was forced upon him from a young age, and he learned to embrace it early."

Harris encapsulates what living in the West partly means to me, a resourcefulness that is often at odds with traditional modalities of entrepreneurship, creating from the vernacular. Bloom & Plume is at once a florist and coffee shop in east side Los Angeles, but with the advent of a global pandemic temporarily closing the florist, Harris added another level of creative genius by assembling Shades of Blackness, vol. III, Don't Touch My Hair, a limited edition portfolio of prints combining all that makes Maurice Harris an icon of his industry. This is the California I live in, and it is absolutely fabulous. You really must check out his Instragram page.

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